How long does it take to make a wedding dress?

We do it in 2 to 3 weeks minimum but it is advisable to book 3 months in advance.

How long does it take to make a simple dress?

It took us 3 days to make a simple dress without manual lace application.

How are payments made?

Payment is made in two installments, 50% before and 50% on the day of pick-up.

Payment is made by bank transfer.

Or you can make the payment at the workshop at POS.

  • BCI account number 15616699410001
  • NIB 000800005616699410195
  • The account is in the name of Atelier Taussy.

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*Quotation valid for a period of 30 days

How soon do I get a quote and what are the criteria for the calculation?

The quotation is obtained within a period not exceeding 48 hours, and is calculated on the basis of the materials that make up the model requested by the customer.

Do you accept material from the client?

No, we make with our own material except in cases of traditional ceremonies, we accept the capulanas to make the clothes.

Do you make men's clothing?

We make only shirts to provide a perfect match with the look of our customers .

Do you make clothes to order remotely?

Yes, we do, we establish an online contact with customers to obtain data and measurements, then we make the clothes and send them.

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